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Dr. Nikhil's Seminar at Punjab

Dr. Nikhil Kulkarni’s Seminar at Khanna, Punjab


Reported by Dr. S. S. Vithal, Khanna


On 3rd Sept 2012 Monday Dr. Nikhil Kulkarni from Pune came to Khanna (Punjab) on a goodwill visit. IIHP Khanna took this opportunity by organising a seminar cum discussion on “New Trends In Homoeopathic Prescribing In The World”.


Seminar started at 8 pm after Dr. S. S. Vithal formerly introduced Dr. Nikhil Kulkarni.


Dr. Nikhil Kulkarni is the dynamic son of an international teacher on homoeopathy, Dr. Ajit Kulkarni and he often accompanies his father in many parts of the world. Hence we decided to know the actual state of homoeopathy in the world. Dr. Nikhil is MD from Bharati Vidyapeeth HMC, PUNE. He has also done his advanced diploma course in Russian language from Pune University & also visited Moscow on University scholarship. He has gone to South Africa, Bulgaria & Russia to give seminar and exchange knowledge on various topics in Homoeopathy.


Dr. Nikhil described in detail about the status of Homoeopathy in European countries & Russia. Most of the practitioners in these countries are post-graduates in conventional medicine like - neurologist/surgeon/endocrinologist etc. They have learnt and practiced the conventional medicine for many years and now they are pursuing the field of homoeopathy. Nikhil cited two reasons for this trend – Homoeopathy’s intrinsic merit in the treatment of acute and chronic diseases and conventional medicine’s limitations that are coming to the fore.


Dr. Nikhil explained that minimum two hours are to be devoted to a new patient and minimum half to one hour has to be spent for follow up session. A homoeopathic physician must give the name of medicine & potency to their patients & that too without any placebo. Poly-pharmacy is usually not followed.


He outlined the status of homoeopathy in different parts of the world and gave the increasing statistics of acceptance of homoeopathy. He showed various slides of Russian & Bulgarian homeopathic clinics and we all enjoyed looking at the beautiful places of developed countries.


We had a wonderful time with Dr. Nikhil, he really gave an informative seminar in a confident way. A warm sendoff was given to this worthy young blossoming homoeopath who inherits the legacy.


All the members from Khanna and adjoining towns attended this very nice seminar. The function was followed with sumptuous dinner at Hotel Daawat Khanna.  




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