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The Law of Similars in Medical Science

The Law of Similars in Medical Science

This book of Dr. Ajit Kulkarni is basically a thesis which was presented to ˜British Institute of Homoeopathy, London "The book has been presented in four parts.

Part-1 The Law of Similars in Homoeopathy has been presented under subheadings a) Introduction b) What is it? c) The Discovery of the Law of Similars d) Furtherance of the Law of Similars e) Corollaries of the Law of Similars.

Part-2 deals with The Law of Similars and Its History where the author has made the reference from Hippocrates onwards up to Modern researchers who are working on the Law of Similars.

Part-3 The Application of Law of Similars.Here author beautifully explains how various therapies like a) Physiotherapy b) Mechanical manipulation c) Spondylotherapy d) Dietetics e) Psychotherapy f) Psychology g) Psychiatry h) Acupuncture i) Allopathy etc. All these faculties use the Law of Similars consciously or subconsciously

Part-4 deals with The Law of Similars as 'Transcendental Doctrine'. The sub-headings here are a) Prophylaxis and Law of Similars b) Law of Similars and Self Recovery c) Law of Similars and Human Phenomenon d) Limitations of the Law of Similars.

This book is a must for every student of Homoeopathy who want to know the multiple dimensions of Law of Similars, the basic fundamental curative principle on which the science of Homoeopathy has been build.

The concluding remarks by the author should be regarded as the essence - When the winds of integration are flowing amongst the physicians of all schools, The Law of Similars stands as a connecting thread to bridge the existing gap. In spite of information explosion that is occurring the world over, lack of proper communication is one of the reasons for prevailing misconceptions and Law of Similars is the best theme to start a fruitful dialogue. This dialogue will reduce the castigation that is sparked off by physicians of other schools and will allow them to look at homoeopathy with a fresh, inquisitive mind. Once the Law of Similars is comprehended in its depth and extent, acceptance of homoeopathy will be on a wider scale.



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