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A Select Homoeopathic Materia Medica

A Select Homoeopathic Materia Medica

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A ‘Select Homoeopathic Materia Medica’ is embarked upon with the modest objective of imparting more and more confidence in our remedies and the only way to achieve this is through exploiting the remedies to their utmost limit, so as to be able to draw as much as possible of the incurables within the hold of curables and achieving the palliation in ideal incurables as per the standardization of application of the law of similars. It is undertaken to meet the (grave) challenges of today, to yoke our medicines to the more and more difficult cases (of which there is a flood) unfaced by our forebears of yesterday.

A Materia Medica has a past, present and future too; 'past' is represented in proving the data-base, 'present' in the therapeutics and clinical verifications and 'future' in the suggestions for new directions in which the remedies can be turned to use. This aspect is necessary to keep our remedies abreast of the times and needs. An attempt has been made here in this direction with the hope that our successors will develop this aspect still further so that our system will not lag behind and fight shy of the then challenges.

A Select Homoeopathic Materia medica is presented with.

  • Emphasis on original data-base.
  • Original and practical presentation.
  • A lot of new ideas and concepts.
  • New and expanded relationship of remedies.
  • Each remedy draped afresh.
  • Critical, analytical processing of data.
  • A unique frame-work for easy accessibility of data.
  • Scanning of extensive literature.


Conceptual frame-work
  • Modalities and Region: Boger pattern.
  • Monogram: The precise and concise denotation of basic characters.
  • Highlights: Gist of a drug.
  • Action: Physio-pathological and Clinico-pathological.
  • Make-up: Typology, Mental make-up (including dispositional characters).
  • Nerves: Chief action, Tendencies Diathesis etc. Headings: Pains, Numbness, Weakness, Paralysis, Spasms, Epilepsy, Universal commotion, Cramps, Trembling, Sclerosis etc.
  • Tissues: Chief action, Tendencies Diathesis etc.
    Headings: Muscles, Mucous membranes, Blood, Glands, Growths, Bones, Joints, Discharges, Emaciation etc
  • Peculiarities and Symptoms-behavior.
  • Mind: Personality study data with emphasis on
    - Temperamental traits
    - Characteristic symptoms
    - Cause effect relationship
    - Evolutionary thinking
  • Select Particulars: Schematic presentation of data…. Hahnemannian proforma from head to foot with emphasis on practical-oriented data.
  • Thermic: Chills, Heat, Characters, Types with characteristic symptoms.
  • Relations: A new logical addition. Mid-day. Follow-up remedies. Counterpart, Antidotes. Comparisons. Symbiotics etc. Suggestions for further uses.


  • “While reading and deepening, I realized that the books are very orderly and useful and contain a lot of substantial and fascinating information not found elsewhere.”
  • “This is a welcome and highly useful addition. The ‘Make-up’ section of each remedy is the best part and should be carefully read by all in order to have the drug’s important features stamped on the readers mind…The readers will find much novel information, clinical tips etc. in this book.”
  • “The work is very methodical and systematic and the authors have clearly demonstrated the advantage in working on a format… It is a delight to discover a lot of new data and pretty useful material…Admittedly, it is a valuable reference compendium.”
  • “I must say I find this book as a bridge between the “old” approach of Kent, Boericke, Allen, Clarke, Hering etc. and the “new approach of directions of’ disease evolution and tones of mind…”
  • “… It is indeed a MAGNUM OPUS which you have produced … I wish it a very good reception.”
  • “This book is about homoeopathy in its scientific and pure aspects and this is exactly the Materia Medica I search for.”
  • “Relationship of remedies has been given so extensively that I have not come across such a splendid work in any Materia Medica.”
  • “The comprehensive text that explores the hidden treasure of materia medica and adds a new dimension to the systematic study of homoeopathic drugs.”
  • “A package of uncompromisingly scholarly presentation of 100 remedies offered to the world of Homoeopathic Materia Medica, to unravel the hidden treasure of old and new literature, with emphasis on original database, logical interpretation of data, new expanded relationship of remedies and overall a new methodology of remedy presentation.”


 A Select Homoeopathic Materia Medica is also available in Russian langauge.

Таркас П. И., Кулкарни А. К. "Избранная гомеопатическая Materia Medica", 480с., тв. пер., 2008г.

Цена  850  руб 




«Избранная гомеопатическая Materia Medica» - фундаментальный труд П. Исвардаса Таркаса, одного из самых известных индийских гомеопатов, написанный им в соавторстве со своим первым учеником и сподвижником Аджитом Кулкарни. Авторы представляют гомеопатической общественности новый, оригинальный подход к описанию препаратов в виде матрицы, позволяющий наиболее полно оценить совокупность представленных симптомов.
Русская версия книги отличается от англоязычного оригинала новым форматом, рекомендованным автором, который произвел определенную структурную перестройку материала рукописи, что, на наш взгляд, существенно облегчает поиск нужной информации. Также для удобства читателей объединены I и 2 части книги.
С разрешения А. Кулкарни в конце книги мы приводим отрывок из его труда «Группа препаратов Калия» с особым разделом о взаимоотношениях лекарств, позволяющий разобраться в многообразии взаимосвязей описываемых препаратов.
Книга ориентирована на профессиональных гомеопатов.

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A Select Homoeopathic Materia Medica soon will be available in Bulgarian language.
A Select Homoeopathic Materia Medica including Part III will be soon launched in 2015.

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